Monthly Archives: November 2005

she's crafty

I came up with a brilliant idea for an ellegirl or teen vogue magazine page. its a comic strip with live-action pictures featuring a celebrity doing something crafty. I created a “pitch” strip a couple of months ago with the teen girl-pop band, the valli girls. they were young and cute and at the time […]

how do I look?

I’ve been shooting How Do I Look this week for the Style Network. Things have come a looong way since the first season I was on. They’ve rented a house in the hills to appear as Finola’s House of Style type thing. Sort of like ANTM’s House of Top Model but minus the midwest runaways […]

somebody help me

It was a hot Halloween night in Hollywood as several unsuspecting journalists piled into a van and headed up to Lake Arrowhead to the horror movie set of Somebody Help Me, directed by Chris Stokes and starring rap star, Omarion. Three hours in bumper to bumper traffic and up a very windy and steep cliff […]