Monthly Archives: January 2006

martinis and makeovers

last night was the premiere episode of ‘how do I look?’ in which I nominated my good friend (and hair stylist), irene vaksberg. we figured in celebration of irene’s (and andi) teevee debut we’d throw a screening bash at the sunset trocodero and toast our fashion efforts. there was lots of toasting. the whole crew […]

shameless self-promotion

in an effort to maintain my humility, I have attached a link for the world wide web to peep covering the many fashionable virtues of one, jess zaino (thats me!)……… to continue on with the love fest, if you’ve got the tivo or are home monday night, my newest installment of how do I look? […]

bang bang

You may remember Yoanna House from her days as winner of America’s Top Model, Second Season. She is now hosting The Look for Less on the Style Network on which I often appear as the Stylist. In addition, Yoanna continues to model and as a result needs to be on top of the hottest trends. […]