martinis and makeovers

last night was the premiere episode of ‘how do I look?’ in which I nominated my good friend (and hair stylist), irene vaksberg. we figured in celebration of irene’s (and andi) teevee debut we’d throw a screening bash at the sunset trocodero and toast our fashion efforts. there was lots of toasting. the whole crew came out in support because they rock and so did our good friends. it was fun. if you havent seen the epsiode yet on the style network, make sure to keep an eye out. its endearing and honest and fun and most of all, celebrates true friendship. behind the scenes note: when I went shopping for her, I had put aside my three makeover outfits at the stores. the how do I look? buyer came thru and for whatever reason, picked up the wrong clothes so at the reveal I was both shocked to not see my intended outfits and pissed that I had to cop to it. whatever. irene got her spotlight and thats all that mattered to me.