Monthly Archives: April 2006

We're back, baby!

Make sure to save the date or set your Tivos because Modern Girls Guide to Life is back for its second season premiering tonight, Friday April 21 at 9pm on E!’s Style Network . Watch the normally tame Jane Buckingham get buck nekkid or Claudia Jordan (recently from Deal or No Deal) eat bugs. I […]

best week ever

last week was a great week. that’s been happening to me alot lately. I’ve been saying “today is the best day ever!” more often than I ever have in my life. pretty groovy. last week brough the wrap up of the second season of modern girls. we banged out a season in less than a […]

bada bing

I went to joisey this past weekend for the nordstrom gig at the garden state plaza mall. it was one of the proudest days of my life. my parents came out from long island and got to see me “do my thang”. I work really hard and have all my life so for my parents […]

need a gift?

I have found that the best place on the net for gift giving is at it is a great site with classy gifts and an easy order process. you can find something nice for anyone and any occassion. yesterday was my co-host claudia jordan’s b-day and I wanted to send her something that wouldnt […]

stylish in seattle

I am currently invloved with a fab event hosted by nordstrom called ‘make it mine’. I get to travel to locations around the country giving modern girl fashion tips to a group of fashion savvy ladies (and curious lookieloos). I then do an hour of personal styling consults with customers. yesterday was my first gig […]

who knew?

I’m in seattle on my nordstrom tour. home of starbucks. when I got in today ben the driver took me to a starbucks and I had the best chai tea latte of my entire freekin life. ben then went into a story about how his whole family were baristas for starphux before they took over […]