Monthly Archives: December 2006

new years trendz

Yup, it’s that time again when the apple drops, another year has passed and a whole new line of fashion moves us forward into the future. When it comes to clothes, think glamorous 1950’s starlet. Fitted, lady like pieces with lots of soft layering. Scarlett Johanssen is a perfect example of a curvy girl who […]

save the eggs!

me, bree and wendi got up super duper early and did the ovarian cancer friendship run/walk for cedars sinai. it was really fun. there were calvaries of ROTC army men running and yelling something about doing good in unison. sir yessir. we saw many good looking people this early in the AM and figured that […]

fashion is funny

sometimes I think the designers of today are just taking the piss. have you caught the oversized chanel plastic carryall? it literally looks like a black garbage bag but they’ve managed to add a double C charm to it and stick a $1000. price tag on. that’s funny. how about gaultier’s super-sized model in the […]

raised eyebrows

went to go see my friend damone roberts, the eyebrow king of beverly hills today. I am doing s new headshot photog session with ingrid next week in addition to shooting a how do I look? so I need my brows looking their best. I asked damone what the current beauty trend for eyebrow shaping […]