Monthly Archives: January 2007

h&m q&a

you can take the girl out of long island but you can’t the long island out of the girl. translation: I love me some malls. I headed to the bev center yesterday in search of a perfect pair of wide-leg paige denim and ended up popping in to the new h&m. I have been to […]

le doo

had dinner with the wittens last night at boa which is always a nice evening out. with pilot season in full swing, there is no shortage of wannabe studs strutting the city and looking for stardom. I fell in to this category last night when I agreed to meet up with a friend from new […]


back in new york, me and cait took a jazzercise class at the extreme gym down the corner. it was so much fun that I was inspired to look up a jazzercise course here in my area. I found one but forgot that it was on monday nights and instead headed to bootcamp at the […]