Monthly Archives: February 2007

jewels R us

from the looks of the ladies on the red carpet this past week, designer dresses are piling on the bling. so many of the dresses had intricate ornamentation. if u cant afford a $10,000. versace, I recommend heading to the craft store for a bedazzler or stitching on your jewels and beads from the bead […]

bravo world

kudos to the folks who are taking hybrids to the oscar red carpet and to jennifer hudson and other “normal”-sized lovelies who are just plain proud to be themselves and not have the desire to be anything else. the world, it is a-changin. now if we can only eradicate prejudice and bigotry. update: me and […]

eight days a week

I had plans to do several posts pertaining to me mum’s visit but we’ve been so busy that I’m finding that I’m jumbling it all together in this one post. abridged version: following the tower bar on tuesday, we’ve hit up dan tana (fun celebs), 25 degrees at the hotel roosevelt (great burgers), the kimmel […]


a couple of years ago, I created a female-friendly group called bitch. it was just that, a bunch of bitches getting together to, well, bitch. I have since left my post as grand poobah but andi has kept it going strong for some time now. she had a lovely clothes swap last sunday night where […]

thursday night

I went out with my strong island sista, jackie jewels last night. we first hit up the bar at penninsula which was laughable because it packed with old people. I mean, reeeeally old people. there were three older gentleman at the bar sleeping fer peter’s sake!? after two glasses of wine and some good convo, […]