Monthly Archives: August 2007

how do I look?

last night was the celebration of 100 episodes of style network’s how do I look? can you believe it!? one hundred episodes!! that’s a big deal in teevee land. I was around for episode five so obviously it holds such a special place in my heart to have watched it grow into such a success. […]

holy sheet!

I need your help on this one. I just got done doing my laundry and I think I’ve figured out an appropriate combo of detergent/cleaner sheet BUT! I’d love to hear what you guys are putting in your whites to really whiten things up. I currently use the most yummy smelling oxy clean, which I […]

(t)oki doki

I’m sure by now, you’ve seen the toki doki brand. they’ve been on everything from america’s top model to l.a. fashion week to cutie lesportsac bags. started by pooneh and her hubby, who also started hard candy, they are at the forefront of the fashion/art mix. they hold unbelievable events and have thought so out […]

bite me.

sarah jessica parker does it again. for a while now, she has been designing clothes for her line, bitten. I had read about it but only knew of it as a wardrobe myth. like finding chanel at the salvation army or socially acceptable knock-offs. I caught a seventeen magazine spread that used alot of the […]