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this was scary news, especially because I love my chanel rouge lip so so much… For all you lipstick users DO YOU WEAR LIPSTICK?? – PASS ONTO WOMEN YOU KNOW & CARE ABOUT Something to consider next time you go shopping for lipstick…… This comes from someone who works in the breast cancer unit at […]

hola custo

fashion week has been such a blast. to see it up close and personal is much better than reading about it and certainly gives me a much stronger understanding of what trends are emerging. metallix. check. oxford heels. check. bronzer make-up and nude lips. check. crest patches and scarves. check. check. and check. I was […]

models are people too

part of our fashion week coverage with stylewiz included asking the models backstage what their beauty secrets were. they are after all, consistently putting on and taking off make-up including that special monthly week where their faces are prone to acne. most of the girls backstage were really sweet and open to share their tips […]

trendster for men

my ultra-hottie boyfriend S. is one snappy dresser. really. he always puts a good outfit together with his unique mix of urban chic. fitted shirts, beautiful sport jackets and his favorite puma flip-flops or timz (you can take the boy outta brooklyn but you can’t take the brooklyn outta the boy). we often discuss the […]

my oh! mya

so, I was up and at ’em early yesterday morning. meg and barbara came up to my hotel room for hair and make-up and by 2pm I was ready to hit the tents with the stylewiz production crew. the tents are of course, a scream with fashionista, editors and fashion wanna-bes galore. we got to […]