Monthly Archives: October 2007

mad about madden

wanting to build out his global brand, steve madden made a special appearance this morning at the directives west fashion show: time to shine california and unveiled his newest line of spring 2008 dresses. you read it here first – our fave shoe guru is now doing clothes. and cute ones to boot (no pun […]

look out, it's LA!

wowie zowie fashionistas – I just got a glimpse of the fashion future and it is fiiiine. people put so much emphasis on l.a. fashion week but the real gem is directives west held at the california market center in downtown l.a.’s fashion district which allows buyers to make their purchases for what will be […]

georgie porgie and mrs. p

I love the crafty fun that is associated with our american commercial holidays! each season brings kitschy kitchen towels and scented candles of the hallo-christm-easter kind. this halloween is no exception in finding some holiday fun. finola recommended a great pumpkin patch in calabasas that S. and I hit up this weekend. we came back […]

style warz

I got down with my old friends, top couture designers and art punks extraordinaire, house of diehl a couple of months ago to participate as a judge in their newest live and in your face fashion experience , style wars. two budding designers, five minutes, mad-max style competition to the designer death. read all about […]