Monthly Archives: November 2007

turkey patrol

tomorrow my parents come out from new york. we have decided to have thanksgiving dinner at S’s since I don’t have a large enough kitchen or seating area in my tiny apt. so we’re taking it to the east side. thanksgiving dinner is a HUGE undertaking. weeks ago, S and I had to sit down […]

go knicks!

S. has an ol’ college buddy in town this week who just happens to be the physical therapist for the new york knicks. they rolled into town to play the clippers at the staples center so we were cordially invited to check out the game and hang with the b-boys. I’ve never been to a […]

nouveaux turkey

saturday night, saundi, a.p. and I headed into west hollywood to the warm and welcoming home of laura, saundi’s iowa-bred co-worker. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from iowa. they. are. nice. anyhoo, laura who is a wonderfully warm and creative interior designer opened up her home so that her roomie (also from iowa. […]