SAG style

I was glad to see the celebs working the red carpet again for this years SAG awards. since it is an award show that awards actors, it was a pleasant show of performer support despite the writers strike that is proving to be the straw that broke the entertainment industry’s back. the dresses were a statement in individuality and it was a breath of fresh fashion to see people making some bold choices, both good and bad (and very very ugly). we’ll start with the bad news: what was jane krakowski wearing? that over embellished neckline looked like a beehive of plastic beads!? a beautiful color but the heaviness of it threw the couture off its course. sandra oh who is a favorite of mine looked like she was swallowed up by a huge black dress then tied up in a bright pink bow. bad. very bad. as for the good: the award goes to christina applegate. she looked stunning in a glamorous flapper beaded throwback floor length. stunning. I loved the bright pops of yellow (color to watch for Spring!) and the fact that Metallic is now a major Hollywood player. Hemlines were long and necklines were left sleveless, strapless and bare with the colors and cuts being the main accessory of the night.