Monthly Archives: April 2008


my sister is visiting from mexico city. I’ve spoken of her before. she’s rad. so smart. so silly. in addition to being an editor for a think tank with the world trade organization out of geneva switzerland, she is a foodie with a food blog and a culinary radio show on public radio out of […]

house call

last night I attended the ‘after the flood: building on a higher ground’ exhibition at the museum of architecture and design on wilshire. co-sponsored by brad pitt and his make it right foundation, the traveling exhibition is a series of architectural blueprints of homes that can be built in new orleans in the wake of […]

pink flamingo

Can’t afford a CHANEL suit? Try a limited edition Le Vernis Nail Color – to some it’s just as chic. Do you recall the vampy dripping dark red that Uma Thurman wore in Pulp Fiction almost a decade ago? Of course you do. It was Chanel’s Vamp and it instantly became part of our polish […]

l.a. happenings from

I just received a newsletter from’s clotheshoarse blog and figured I would share with you these fun fashion Hollywood happenings… New Trouble in Old Chinatown April 5Get on the front lines of Downtown’s gentrification from 10pm-2am at Mountain Bar on April 5. Fashion-forward art crew The Status Faction is partnering with our Eastside source […]