Monthly Archives: July 2008

retro shade

on my first day of seventh grade at sagamore junior high school, I wore a burnt sienna cable knit sweater, jeans that met with scrunched white socks in penny loafers (influenced by my dad complete with penny). to finish the look, I had a pair of really cool shades that I loved and wore with […]


I have seen several close friends get married and even helped a few pick out a dress but yesterday I had the honor of assisting my bud, evan marc katz with picking out a tux for his halloween wedding. we met up at the men’s warehouse in bev hills where he chose a calvin klein […]

summer in the city

I love coming home to new york if only to spend to spend time with my most cherished bff’s. we hit brooklyn’s chez oskar for mojito breakfast then headed to central park for an afro-beat summerstage. if u can hop a flight to nyc for the summer, I highly recommend the park production of hair […]

put it in the papers

if u missed it yesterday, in new york post’s, page six was a “we hear” spot that featured the likes of my boy designer matt levine of steelo who is opening his members-only club the eldridge in the next few weeks AND shooting vh1’s glam god. two projects you definately don’t want to miss. you […]