Monthly Archives: November 2008

O yes!

the other night before a soho dinner at bread I popped into sephora on broadway to, ummmm, put on my (or really, their) makeup. I’m sort of living out of a gucci bag right now and sometimes my fave products can’t come with. and it is a recession. so really I’m being crafty by saving […]


I’ve been chillin in gramercy park these last few days and I heard of a local free yoga class in the area. since I haven’t done a proper stretch since I got here, I figured free yoga is just what will hit the spot. the los angeles yoga class I did was outside at runyon […]

puss in boots

since moving back to new york, I have had my eye on female footwear. it gets cold here so its best to be fashionable and functional. most ladies are pairing their knee high boots with leggings but if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition, go the extra inch, literally, with these […]