Monthly Archives: March 2009


I am obsessed with shoes. and now that it is officially Spring, I need to transfer over my Winter boots for some very high heel strappy wood-soled sandals. I know Tigerlily and I were like oil & water on VH-1’s Glam God but lady had fierce style. especially when it came to shoes. I’m stealing […]


check patterns are where its at for mens fashion right now. If you too are feeling it, feel free to play around with color combos and levels of intensity. pair with jeans, suits, under v-necks or black suits. play with bowties and bahama shorts for spring. keep it to a tailored trim fit to keep […]

gal friday

I popped into the sweet lil lingerie shop, only hearts on mott st. in nolita the other and fell in love with ultra-organic, extra soft and girlie stella mccartney white panties of the week. each piece is a delicate sightly see thru cotton fabric with a hand embroidered floral print and a scripted day of […]