won't you take me to… cougar town?

I’m a 33 year old female. my bfriend is a sexy 27. does that make me a cougar? I headed to my new pal and renowned artist ryan mcginness’s 50 parties, party no. 13, cougar town to find out. upon arrival, I was given a pamphlet provided by website, single and the city that listed what cougars would be on the prowl in attendance and what cubs were there to take the babe bait. the graduate was playing on the wall and a sexy 1970’s telly savalas spun on the record player. under the disco ball lights, I met with a hottie of a 40+ hot mama, carmella, who was from brooklyn, was married twice and loved to smoke. over pink cosmos, she told me her youngest lover was 24 and it was the boy toys that kept her looking and feeling young. that, or the sparkly, slinky black micro-mini she was sporting. after a bit o’ party research, I learned that a cougar is typically eight years her lover’s senior, so although I don’t qualify as a cougar with my younger man, I say here’s to you mrs. robinson.