Monthly Archives: October 2010


I’m moving. and it’s a bitch. most nights these days, I’m found under boxes of stuff, fighting my way out to find my inner sanctuary feng shui. since I am home, I’m watching teevee. and last night while organizing my media cables and old issues of domino magazine, I had the apprentice on. I haven;t […]

yes, miss tina

I am a sucker for wal-mart. I do not agree with their business and union practices but gosh bless their clothing offerings. on a recent trip over I saw that it was out with the ol’ norma kamali collection and in with the new. beyonce’s mum, tina who is also ceo and head designer for […]


I am currently a maid of honor to be for my lil sis, caitlin. I am also a raving and loyal fan of we’s say yes! to the dress. the fact that the world famous bridal emporium kleinfeld is having a november sample sale on sunday, november 7 with 70% off on top designers and […]