Monthly Archives: January 2011

hot off the fashion week presses

yup, what you heard about me is true… thanks fashion steals… (NYC, New York) Now in its ninth season, Nolcha will host the Nolcha Fashion Lounge, a pop-up showroom exhibiting independent fashion designers; including complimentary pampering for fashion week-goers and an industry networking party. The showroom setting will offer editors, buyers and stylists the option […]

bikram no-ga

my adorable bfriend majed whose pantsless look I posted a few posts back knows I love yoga, so for the holidays he hooked up an introductory series to bikram yoga union square. have you ever done bikram yoga? it kind of sucks. its called hot yoga. and they blast 120 degree air into a closed […]

boyfriend chic

last night, my boyfriend, majed and I had tickets to a broadway show. so, we thought it nice to get spiffed up for one another and hit the town proper date style. I wore my gorgeous virgin lambswool prada black dress that evokes madonna in the dolce & gabbana ads and he wore… a denim […]

au natural

I’m seeing and feeling, as most are, a 2011 shift. I don’t know if it has something to do with the horoscope change or the end of the mayan calendar, but there is a definite shift in perception. in focus. even in, color!?!? despite Winter, we are moving from black and into a chocolate-y brown. […]

so what?

it was very cold in nyc last night. a five foot snowstorm hit the night before. and yes, I braved the wintery elements, in a pair of marco santi suede heel booties. so what? I love to wear high heels wven in the thinck of winter. so what? even with slush on the streets and […]