Monthly Archives: March 2011

(I could just) Burst TV!

Burst TV – Episode #1 **Adding COLOR With ROC NATION Artist Bridget Kelly** from Nitika Chopra on Vimeo. my everyday enlightenment girl, nitika chopra is the founding editor of your bella life. she’s been expanding her awesome online wellness and lifestyle magazine to include all types of yummy goodies. the latest offering from yourbellalife is […]

red hot

clearly, I love the color red. I spent much of my youth rocking the mac russian red lipstick shade, a blueish-red tint so matte you can caulk a tub with it. my shoshanna dress featured on the huffington post today, thanks to beautiful strangers, is a favorite dress of mine. It’s paired with a tommy […]

chuck you

chuck taylor was was an American basketball player and shoe salesman/evangelist who stole the hearts of men and women alike with his brand of converse shoe. the converse all-star shoe, one of the first especially designed to be worn when playing basketball, was introduced in the 1910s. by 1923 chuck taylor’s name was added to […]

your boyfriend

I worked at sew nyc on mott st. as a shop girl when I made the move back from los angeles a few years ago. it was there, that I learned, from octogenarian artie wasserberger, son and owner, scott and russian tailor, zino, the fine art of hand crafting menswear. it is also, where I […]