Scrunch This!

I work with a man who wears a scrunchy. A neon green one at that. Mario Batali, famous for his flaming red hair, and apple green scrunchy certainly sets style trends. As he said on our show The Chew, “fashion is one thing, style is another”. So true. 
And it looks like his scrunchy trend has trickled down to us masses. Like a secret language, ladies always love to share some style secret that they bought, found or saw and a scrunchy is no excpetion. Kat, our audience coordinator, was rocking her black leather scrunchy from American Apparel like the prideful cub of our Papa Bear Batali. And even though Carrie and the gang squashed the scrunchy trend a few years back, every bad trend deserves a revival… so will you bring scrunchy back?