Derek Lam, Vera Wang, Rock and Republic, Oh My!


This weekend, I headed to my parent’s house on Long Island to start going through the mountain of wedding gifts in my parent’s basement. It also gave me opportunity to return some other pieces, namely the Lauren Conrad earrings I ordered online from Kohl’s for my Bridesmaids that I decided against. There is not a Kohl’s in the city, and frankly, I’m not sure I had ever been in one until now. And boy, was I surprised!? They had more cheap chic Designer collaborations that any other discount store – Linen dresses from Derek Lam, adorable Outerwear from Vera Wang, trendy pieces from ELLE, and a HUGE collection of denim from Los Angeles brand, Rock and Republic… I always wondered where that brand disappeared to… turns out, they’re at Kohl’s. And I suggest you you should be too! So fun to scavenge in store or online for that one of kind piece, that won’t break your bank, but looks super cute, and will be sure to illicit the ultimate buyer’s compliment, “Where ja get that?”.