Clean Hair Don't Care

I walked by a Japanese family the other day and in their wake was a waft of fresh, clean, soapy, crisp. Their collective clean scent was intoxicating! And it got me thinking I want to upgrade my hair / soap combo to something more Japanese tourist… I took a trip to Target yesterday and spent a good 45 in the shampoo aisle. Not one smell captured the metallic-y clink of the family’s scent. Everything was fruit this, or argan that. One star studded bottle even came with quinoa. Ick. I’ve done some internet research and will make my next stop Sephora for their Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and see what else they’ve got. But if you’ve got a crisp and clean scent that smells like laundry drying on the line in the sunshine of a Venice bungalow backyard, please leave it in the comments! I’m taking recommendations.