Move over Hamptons – New York’s historic Hudson Valley has been experiencing a bit of ‘seen and be seen’ love of late for their locally sourced fare, antique shopping, charming hikes and the spectacular colors and smells that accompany Fall in New York. But some of us city folk don’t like leaving the city, so we leave it up to the culinary innovators to bring the Hudson Valley to us. Dina Rata, which translates to Day and Night, is the newest downtown darling to locally source a menu inspired by the Hudson Valley. Offering American bistro cuisine under Exec Chef Victor Cruz, Dina Rata is tucked away in the Andaz Wall Street, and opens up onto iconic Pearl Street. Since you’re nestled thick in the Wall Street business frenzy, you MUST try the High Roller Burger with seared fois gras! At $45, I have visions of Gordon Gecko ordering up a double! And once you’ve liquored yourself up on their creative cocktails like the Dina Rata Smash  (applejack brandy, lemon, mint, Fee Brothers bitters), stumble out for more drinks in the seasonal Biergarten. Even if you’re a local, the quick trip to the Hudson Valley via Wall Street is a New York experience at best!