The Total Sleep Mask to Use When You’re Ships Passing in the Night

My husband and I have ridiculously competing schedules. I’m up at 6 o’clock AM to wake up with the baby, feed him and get out the door for work. To make this a successful task, I am in bed and sleeping by 9P, maybe 10:30P if I’m requiring a Seinfeld episode. My husband on the other hand, leaves for work at 2 o’clock PM and doesn’t return until 2 o’clock AM, and sometimes even later!? We are ships crossing in the night. While I’m sleeping, he’s awake. While I’m awake, he’s left to sleep in broad daylight. Or so we thought. A true turning point came when we discovered the Total Sleep Mask System by Dandelion Dreams Inc. This dual mask system is the best eye mask on the planet because it covers both the eyes and ears to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s 100% virtual blackout. Booyah! Hubs gets his beauty rest so Mama can take care of business… until it’s lights out and she slips on a Total Sleep Mask of her own.