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All The Other Kids With the Pumped Up Kicks

Being from New York City, I enjoy sneakers — Adidas shell-toe, New Balance, Nike Dunks and now that I have a baby boy, I’m already and always on the hunt for some cool kicks for him. He’s not a year old yet so there aren’t too many options, but what I’ve found, I’ve found mostly […]

New York Fashion Week No More for this Mom Blogger

It’s New York Fashion Week. And I don’t care. I’ve got spit up in my hair… yes, most years you’d find me sitting front row (or 6th or 7th) and blogging about the trends and colors and fabrics, but the only clothes I’m concerned with right now are my newborn’s and my own, as I […]


Move over Hamptons – New York’s historic Hudson Valley has been experiencing a bit of ‘seen and be seen’ love of late for their locally sourced fare, antique shopping, charming hikes and the spectacular colors and smells that accompany Fall in New York. But some of us city folk don’t like leaving the city, so […]

Adam Levine will SHOCK you!

I ducked into Kmart the other day to grab myself a bottle of water and some inexpensive basic leggings and was completely sideswiped by the Adam Levin Collection for Women at Kmart!?¬†Seriously guys… it’s cute. He’s got terrific high-waisted and vintage denim for less than $20. Adorable striped sweaters, hats, even a green army winter […]