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Colour Du Jour

I have a dream job interview on Wednesday and need a new color for my nails, that say I’m a boss, but I know a lot more about style than my crisp white corporate button down leads you to believe. I always take a look at the Chanel trends, because j’taime anything they release, that […]

A Sexy Bikini To Cover My Big A** At The Beach

My hot new husband, Majed and I are heading out on Honeymoon next week to St. Lucia and this Missus has to get into a bathing suit. Thank G*d for Gabi Fresh and the Swim For All collab. I caught these super stylish plus size suits, or as Gabz refers to em, fatkinis, in a […]

Flower Power

I don’t fancy myself a wedding blogger, but with a wedding only 31 days away, I can’t help but share all of the fun little details on the journey to matrimony. When I first got engaged, I spent a ton of time on a Pinterest wedding search, looking at deconstructed chic cakes, and decor. I found […]